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 About Us

Our family and our beloved dogs.

The family consists of Me, my hubby and two teenage kids and our four legged friends.


I am Margaret and dogs are my passion. I was brought up with shepherds and our first family shepherd Rionnag came into our lives in December 2004.


We loved having her so much we decided to add to our family and introduced Breagha in November 2006.


She was a live wire from working stock and high drive she kept us on our toes. Her batteries never run down no matter how much we exercise her; but it is great fun having her in our lives.


Balach is the first boy of the four legged variety in our family. He is lively and a bundle of fur and love. He loves attention and we nicknamed him ‘wiggly bum’ as when he is excited his bum wiggles and this travels right up his body.

in addition we have 4 other Shepherds 2 poodles and 4 chihuahuas


We are located in  North Lanarkshire and all our dogs are bred for health and obediance. if you are interested in any of our puppies you will be subject to vetting as all potential puppy owners are vetted and home checked.


All our dogs are KC registered and our Kennel Affix (kennel name) was granted in 2009 by the Kennel Club


Cù as a Chiall is Gaelic and although there is no word for word translation to describe it; just think about your dog being excited and barking and prancing around the place ready to play, walk and run around and that is what our name stands for loosely translated it means barking loudly dog.

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